General Specifications


  • Clear lot sufficiently to allow for construction.
  • Grade lot away from house for proper drainage.
  • 1000 gal. septic tank with chambered drain field


  • 100’ foot allowance for gravel driveway and turnaround area.
  • Final grade by contractor
  • Pine straw disturbed ground areas


  • 2’x8” steel reinforced continuous poured concrete footings, 3500 P.S.I.
  • 9’x8” steel reinforced poured concrete foundation walls, 3500 P.S.I.
  • Gravel (4”) and plastic vapor barrier in floor area.
  • Pre treat for termites
  • Poured concrete basement floor at 4” average thickness, 3500 P.S.I with fiber reinforcement.
  • Exterior of concrete walls waterproofed below final grade.
  • French drain at base of foundation.
  • 2”x6” exterior walls @ 16” on center, in daylight basement areas.
  • One 3’ door & 2 standard size windows


  • Galvanized aluminum flashing and 6” sill seal at top of foundation
  • 2”x6” pressure treated sill at the top of the foundation.
  • 2”x10”floor joists.
  • ¾”  T&G Advantech decking glued and nailed.


  • 2”x4” interior and exterior walls @ 16” on center (except daylight basement).
  • 7/16” OSB exterior wall sheathing
  • House wrap over OSB.
  • Hardiboard style (fiber cement) siding all exterior
  • ROOF
  • 2”x10” roof rafters @ 16” on center, for main house.
  • 2”x8” roof rafters @ 16” on center, for covered porches.
  • 5/8” OSB roof decking for main house and porches.
  • Titanium over OSB
  • 30 year architectural shingles.


  • 6”x6” main support posts @ maximum 8’ on center, set on 2’x2’ concrete pads.
  • 2”x8” floor joists @ maximum 16” on center.
  • 5/4”x6” decking.
  • 6”x6” posts @ maximum 8’ on center for handrail and roof supports.
  • 2”x6” handrails with 2”x 2” pickets as needed per code.
  • Vinyl  porch ceilings
  • Galvanized fasteners.


  • CPVC water lines.
  • PVC sewer/septic lines.
  • Molded fiberglass tubs and showers.(white)
  • Stainless steel, double bowl kitchen sink with single lever faucet.
  • China lavatories and water closets.  (White)
  • Ice maker hookup with shutoff.
  • Electric 50 gallon water heater.
  • Washing machine hookup.
  • Two exterior, frost-free water hose bibs.


  • Soffit and ridge vent system for roof ventilation.
  • R-38 fiberglass batt insulation in ceiling.
  • R-13 fiberglass batt insulation in exterior walls.
  • R-19 fiberglass batt insulation basement per code
  • Thermopane, low-E, white vinyl, single hung, tilt-to-clean windows, with screens.
  • Steel, foam core insulated doors.


  • Manufactured fireplace (36”) in living room (fan not included).
  • Raised stone hearth 8” tall and 18” deep, with stacked stone synthetic rock face around fireplace opening per contractors sample. Natural Kentucky fieldstone hearth
  • Pine mantel above rock face.


  • 200 amp circuit breaker panel
  • One outlet per 12’ of wall space in the main living area (average one per wall)
  • GFI outlets in bathrooms per code
  • GFI outlets in kitchen to code
  • Exterior GFI outlets to code
  • Two exterior spot lights
  • One ceiling light in each bedroom
  • Three ceiling fans
  • Heat/light fans each bathroom
  • Two phone outlets
  • Two TV outlets
  • Washer and dryer connections
  • Smoke detectors, per code
  • Appliances by owner/ installation by contractor


  • 13 sear electric heat pump
  • Automatic thermostatic control.
  • Dryer vent.


  • 1/2” drywall ceilings with textured finish
  • 1/2” drywall walls with textured finish
  • Vinyl flooring in bathrooms & laundry
  • Wall to wall carpet in bedrooms
  • 2-¼” x ¾” pre finished oak hardwood tongue and groove flooring in balance of  house
  • 6-panel masonite interior doors
  • Polished brass doorknobs and hinges
  • Colonial casings and baseboards entire house
  • Custom kitchen cabinets and vanities with natural color finish per contractors samples
  • Laminate kitchen counter tops and laminated vanity tops
  • Full-length mirrors from the light to the vanity top


  • Two coats of shell white latex paint on all interior walls and ceilings.
  • Two coats of gloss white latex paint on all interior trim and doors.
  • Two coats exterior latex paint on all siding and trim (one color)
  • All pressure treated porches and decks to remain natural


  • Owner is responsible for all hookups available on the property.
  • Owner is responsible for fees, deposits, and trenching.


  • $5,000.00 site work allowance
  • Wood flooring:  $4.25 square foot installed
  • Vinyl: $16/ square yard installed including
  • underlayment
  • Carpet and pad:  $16/square yard installed
  • Above allowances are for material & labor

No extra fill, grading work, culverts, or retaining walls are included in our general pricing.  All excavation is figured with no allowance for extra expense incurred due to rock, ground water, or any other unforeseen problems with the land.  Any such problems will be paid for by the Owner. Peak Homes is not responsible for the loss of any trees, or damage to roadways, in close proximity to the building site that may be a result of the construction process.


  • 2’X8” steel reinforced continuous poured concrete footings, 3500 P.S.I.
  • 32”x8” block walls
  • Plastic vapor barrier over floor area
  • Exterior of block walls waterproofed below grade
  • French drain at base of foundation
  • Foundations vents per code


  • 12”x18” steel reinforced continuous poured concrete footings, 3500 P.S.I.
  • Gravel (4”) and plastic vapor barrier in floor area
  • Poured concrete with 2’x2’ steel reinforcement entire slab
  • Garage construction in keeping with the main house design while conforming to the plans as agreed
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